How I Got my ROAR Back!

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When life throws you a curveball, we can all stumble. It's hard to predict how a loss will affect us, and there is no playbook to give us all the answers. We probably will get advice and encouragement from family or friends, but in the eye of a personal storm that often just feels like noise.

For me it took a wise person to tell me, "You must do something every day." Sounds simple, I bet, but it's not easy when the thought of facing another day is exhausting. I decided that my "something" would be going the gym. Every morning I'd wake up and walk to the motivating music I loaded onto my phone. It helped my mind and soul, and for weeks I would go through the motions. I would walk, but I wasn't present in the process. Little by little, I began to listen to the words of that music I had chosen as I moved through my workout. One song in particular began to take on new meaning for me. It was Katy Perry's, "Roar". I started to think about what it meant to "roar" again and felt determined to get my "roar" back.

During this time the the word ROAR took on its own life for me. How would I overcome these feeling of failure? Could I ever get my mojo back? I started to work towards that goal. 

Heres how I did it. I broke down the word ROAR as an acronym for: reflect, organize, act, rejoice

Now let me explain this a little further:

I realized that in order to heal and move forward after any loss there is a need to reflect on what happened. What went wrong? What could you have done differently? It's important to be honest with yourself. What did you do right? Wrong?  If you can truly look at a situation for what it was, you can begin to understand what might have gone differently and begin to learn about ourselves.

Once I had a clear picture of what went wrong I was able to organize.  That was a time of great adventure again. I was able to put myself on a path to get back to work. This time, it would be with a clearer understanding of what my goals were and how I would achieve them. It's liberating!

Next, it's time to act. I know this can be scary, but you always have to get back on your horse and try again. Get off the couch and act! It's important to take is slowly, but acting will invigorate you!

And lastly, we all must learn to rejoice in our successes. So often we let the small victories pass us by without even recognizing them. Make sure to celebrate the small victories. Learn to enjoy the whole journey and all the goes with it.

Everyone gets knocked down, but it's how you rise that really shows the world who you are. Just remember that anyone can get their ROAR back, but it just takes a little time and a great playlist!