Starting from Scratch

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If at first you don't succeed, try something new!

Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball. It almost always comes at a time when it's least expected.  Maybe you lose a job, a relationship ends or even a business fails.  Most of us don't walk around with a Plan B in our back pocket...

Or do we?  

I know all of us have a "bucket list."  You know, that list of things you might do someday.  After a loss it's hard to imagine doing anything at all, let alone something new.  I had a hard time getting out of bed some days after the loss of my business. It was hard to imagine having the energy to do anything most days, but then after some time passed something changed for me; something clicked.  I started to allow myself to get excited by the freedom I had to start something new.  I flipped my switch and looked back at that time in my life with gratitude.  I wanted to start a new project, something that would force me to learn something new and different "from scratch."  My love of baking was always part of who I am and my love of sharing my sweet treats with others would always leave me feeling fulfilled.  So the answer seemed simple, why not take these two passions and find a way to start my career over again.  That's was the beginning of the idea that launched Rise Baking.  I'll admit, I have never run a website or written a blog before now but I know how to bake and I am so excited to share all my knowledge with each of you.  

Rise Baking is the perfect way to start your baking journey

I know that it's easy to make excuses when we feel like we may fail at that "thing" we've been meaning to try.  Baking is that "thing" for so many people I meet.  I have heard others tell me hundreds of times in the years I have been in the baking world that people just feel intimidated.  I am here to tell you there is nothing to fear!  It is a science, there are some rules but in the end it's a magical way to express yourself.  I find baking both relaxing and creative.  I can float around my kitchen like a painter maneuvers their brush.  Once we teach you the basics of baking just like anything else creative, your imagination  will flow and all those wonderful flavor ideas you have been dreaming about will be your next dessert!