The story of how Rise Baking came to be.


In 2008, the cupcake craze was hitting us from coast to coast. And right smack in the middle of this sweet swirl was Detroiter, Pam Turkin. She had been traveling from New York to California on business witnessing people taking time out of their day to line up for cupcakes. The entrepreneur in her saw an opportunity and she began to wonder. And then she began to bake.

It began in her own kitchen. With an apron and a mixer. Pam’s five teenagers and their army of friends were the taste testers and extraordinary flavors were created like S’more, Tiramisu, and Black Forest Cheesecake.  

One day Pam and her husband Todd rented a mom-and-pop bakery in Livonia, put out the Open sign and sold out. They went from $1200 in sales the first month to $12,000 the next and Just Baked was born. Pam quit her lucrative day job and turned all her creative and business savvy toward Just Baked. 

The woman, wife, mom, and entrepreneur gave everything she had to make Just Baked the best cupcake shop around. And it showed. And it shined. And it grew. Just Baked grew product lines, loyal customers, and locations. In 6 years Just Baked went from Pam’s kitchen to nearly 20 stores and 100 paid employees while Pam was twice a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year awards.  Just Baked was a brand in southeastern Michigan and was getting regular requests to expand elsewhere in the Midwest. 

Then suddenly, on January 5, 2015, the partners pulled the funding.  A perfect storm hit. And without warning the doors of corporate Just Baked slammed shut. Positive media turned to negativity. And there was silence.

Some might call it a failure. But as every entrepreneur knows, as in life and every venture, there is always risk. And some things are out of our control. Through the failures comes a stronger more cohesive beginning. 

I introduce to you RISE BAKING.

Rise Baking is a monthly subscription service where you can order perfectly measured premium ingredients along with Pam’s very own recipes that she has worked so hard to perfect.  You can be part of Pam’s dream and vision in your own kitchen, on your own timetable. Packaged creatively and simply and shipped right to your door. Sent to you with all the love of good food. 

There’s a professional baker in every box. Pam is passing the apron on to you.  Be proud when you serve your family or guests these delicious treats that YOU baked. Keep the recipes you have ordered and permanently make them part of what you cook. Join Pam to understand what it is like to begin again, to RISE to the challenge. 

We can’t wait to bake with you!